Specialty Metal Forging Company Improves Machine Turning Accuracy with Custom Reengineered Gilman Spindles

Reengineered spindle and customized blueprints done by Gilman Precision

When spindles and/or slides are not optimized for specific applications, product quality and machine uptime can suffer resulting in inferior products and productivity. This specialty metal forging company was experiencing a loss in machine accuracy and poor surface finish due to the machining demands being put on the spindle and contacted the skilled professionals at…

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Finding the Right Fit: When Dovetail Slides Make the Difference

A Dovetail Slide offers a unique set of characteristics that are helpful in several applications, including in the medical industry, automotive, metrology and inspection areas. The right equipment can mean all the difference when trying to produce a particular product for your clients. While slides are commonly used in many machining situations, a Dovetail slide…

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Slide Maintenance Tips and Repair Solutions to Keep Your Shop Running Smoothly

A properly working slide is an essential part of operations for many companies internationally. Gilman Precision in Grafton, WI, offers repair services during those times in need. Accuracy is important in the manufacturing industry, and properly functioning machinery is an essential building block to meeting many industry standards. Slides are often found in machinery that…

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