Case Study: Gilman Designs Specialized Spindles for Medical Device Manufacturer’s Blood Centrifuge

The medical technology industry allows healthcare professionals to provide better quality care for their patients and improve the tracking of their health. Because this industry is partially responsible for saving lives, it requires devices to meet rigid specifications with pinpoint accuracy. When the world’s leading medical device manufacturer struggled with a “homegrown” design of their blood centrifuge device, they turned to Gilman Precision for help due to their expertise in spindle, bearing, and lubrication technology.

Improving Lives with Efficient and Optimized Technology

A blood centrifuge must maintain stability and a steady temperature in order to keep plasma and other blood by-products from being exposed, resulting in spoilage. Gilman was able to supply a spindle optimized for the device’s needs, creating a solution that’s robust, quiet, and operates with minimal temperature rise above ambient.

By producing a spindle carefully designed to the medical industry’s exacting requirements, the Gilman team has ensured the safety and reliability of this manufacturer’s blood centrifuge device.

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