Our Facility

Built in 1989, Gilman Precision’s facility is state-of-the-art with only the highest quality equipment and personnel to produce the best products in the industry. Our facility is 88,000 square feet with well over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space.  The spindle edition was added in 1993 as the hallmark of Gilman’s clean and chip-free manufacturing workplace.  Gilman’s Class 10,000-level cleanroom has climate control capabilities to maintain humidity and temperatures within variation of plus or minus one degree Fahrenheit.  Such control holds sub-micron tolerances, allowing Gilman to grind parts, bearing journals and bores while ensuring accurate and consistent measurements over time.Gilman greatly values cleanliness and organization to uphold their reputation as a high quality, precision product manufacturer.  The manufacturing floor is kept as a chip-free and clean environment despite the machining of cast iron, aluminum and other metallic pieces.

Machining Capabilities

Vital to producing spindles, Gilman’s Sip machining center is one of the most accurate machining centers in the world.  The machine is used to finish bore all spindle housing and bearing bores and shoulders, accurate to one and a half microns or 60-millionths of an inch.  Purchased in 2005, Gilman relies upon their Mazak machine for slide production.  As a dual-chuck machine with a 40-tool changer, this machine is capable of transforming round stock into square parts.  This reduces production and processing time immensely from a number of weeks to a few days.  Finally, Gilman uses a 20-ft long, 4-foot wide by 4-foot tall Favretto grinder to finish grind very large hardened way slides.  The largest machine in the shop, this work cube machine produces flat, parallel, and perpendicular products all in one setup.

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