Gilman Precision’s Custom Products Create Solutions for Unique Industry Challenges

Gilman Precision in Grafton, WI, offers machining solutions for companies facing individualized challenges. The company often works with businesses from the Medical, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Automotive and Energy industries.

When it comes to machining, one-size-fits-all can’t always apply. With unique products comes individual production challenges.

That’s where Gilman comes in.

“Customers come to us with a problem, and sometimes our catalog products do not supply a solution for them,” Gilman CEO Chris Hetzer said. “In fact, over 70 percent of our products are engineered to order in some way.”

Hetzer said Gilman often works with companies in the Medical, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Automotive and Energy industries on finding these custom solutions.

Some examples of recently built custom components include: a multi-axis, double-ended spindle for use in machining large ship components; a custom spindle used in a rig to test automatic transmissions; a nickel-plated dovetail slide for the Energy industry and a motorized grinding spindle for the Aerospace industry.

If you’re company is facing a unique machining challenge, here’s the solution: Give Gilman a call, and speak to one of our application engineers. They’ll discuss the challenges with you, and determine viable solutions. After discussing these solutions, Gilman will provide a quote for the project.

Gilman Precision has been dedicated to the advancement of high precision solutions that improve efficiency and achieve longevity since 1952. The company develops customized slides and spindles for value-added engineers with exacting needs and standards, providing expert service for virtually any manufacturer’s equipment.

If you’ve got a question on ordering a spindle or slide, contact us at 800-445-6267 or

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