Case Study: Gilman Optimizes United States Military Tanks With Specialized Spindle Project

Military vehicles have some of the most demanding automotive specifications in the world due to the extreme weather conditions they need to operate in, from -50º F arctic tundras to scorching 120º F deserts. When the U.S. Army encountered issues with their tank engines’ dynamometer jack shaft failing at high temperatures, they turned to Gilman for a specialized solution. Founded in the 1950s to help produce armament machine components for the Korean War, Gilman Precision was once again prepared to aid the U.S. Military. 

Optimizing Military Tank Engines for Extreme Heat

When tasked with this project, the experts at Gilman designed a specialized version of their top-quality 8000 series of motorized spindles to fit the U.S. Army’s needs. This custom spindle hit all the requirements necessary to allow the tank engine to operate at extremely high temperatures, such as the capacity for 5000 rev/min, 3700 Nm torque, and an ambient temperature of 120º F. In addition, the Gilman design also allows for easy spindle removal without losing any position alignment.

Improving the Temperature Threshold of Tank Engines with Custom Spindles

Not only was Gilman able to provide a solution that met the rigid specifications laid out by the U.S. Army, but they used their industry experience and knowledge to go above and beyond, ensuring that the design of this spindle is optimized for future use as well.

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