Google Street View Presents a Virtual Tour of Gilman’s Manufacturing Facility

Partnering with Google Street View services, Gilman Precision continues to lead the manufacturing industry in customer interactivity by providing a virtual tour of its facilities.

Gilman Precision is one of the first manufacturing facilities in the nation to develop this advanced feature using Google’s services.  It overcomes a challenge for many out-of-state customers who cannot physically visit Gilman’s shop to conceptualize the size, capabilities, organization and cleanliness of the facility.

Now, their website and Google Maps display Gilman’s high-performing operations with this user-friendly, technologically-driven solution.  This tour allows the user to navigate through Gilman’s main doors and around the factory, including the class 10,000-level spindle clean room.

Doug Biggs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing commented, “Our team at Gilman is purposely focused on not only satisfying, but delighting customers.  One way we accomplish this is by providing them with the most convenient tools possible to make honest, informed decisions.  We hope this feature will create a positive experience for our current and future customers.”

Introducing the virtual tour is just one of many new additions to Gilman’s website.  Recently, Gilman released a 3D linear products configurator with adjustable and downloadable content for integration into personal CAD systems.  To view either program, visit the resources tab of Gilman’s website at

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