Gilman’s Full-Service Spindle Repair in 4 Easy Steps

We know that when your machine fails, it creates downtime you can’t afford. From diagnosing the problem and ordering a replacement spindle to the reinstallation process, it can cost you in more ways than one.

Thankfully, by partnering with Machine Tool Diagnostics (MTD), Gilman now offers full-service spindle repair services to the Midwest! From initial inspection to reinstallation, learn how Gilman handles the entire process step-by-step for you in order to minimize your machine’s downtime.

Step #1: On-Site Troubleshooting

When your machine begins to malfunction, give us a call at 800-445-6267 or email Then, a factory-trained MTD technician will come to your facility and perform on-site troubleshooting and inspection of your machine’s spindle.

Step #2: Spindle Removal

The technician will remove the faulty spindle and send it to a Gilman Precision technician, who will then perform our industry-leading expert repair process.

Note: On-site involvement is not required if you are capable of troubleshooting and spindle removal yourself.

Step #3: Expert Repair

Your spindle then undergoes Gilman’s unparalleled spindle repair process – which includes a thorough examination, testing, and root-cause analysis – leaving your spindle in good-as-new condition.

Step #4: Reinstallation and Testing

A trusted MTD technician will return to reinstall your repaired spindle in your machine, and then administer thorough testing to ensure you have everything you need to get back up and running again!

The Gilman Precision Advantage

Gilman Precision repairs and manufactures all types of spindles and can customize any spindle to your exact specifications. Gilman has total control on site. From design, manufacturing, and value add services, we can meet the high-quality demands of our customers.

When you need to purchase a new spindle or need to request a quote for an existing spindle to be repaired, turn directly to the experts at Gilman Precision for all your spindle manufacturing needs.

Need to find the right slide or spindle for your machine?

Gilman Precision’s easy-to-use Product Configurator allows you to download CAD files and view 3D models of your slide or spindle for free, ensuring you’re getting exactly what your machine needs.

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