Gilman Precision is proud to announce a newly designed catalog displaying their extensive line of spindles. Last updated in 2005, Gilman has greatly improved the ease of spindle selection, along with combining all previous spindle catalogs, creating a one-stop resource.

Spindle maintenance and repair

“We are in the process of upgrading our current catalogs and idea bulletins. Gilman has a lot to offer when it comes to our products and services so it’s crucial that they are presented in the best possible fashion.” said Douglas Biggs, VP Sales and Marketing at Gilman Precision.

The new catalog discusses spindle systems and selections, products features, ordering instructions, and an in-depth look at Gilman quality. The products included are eight different series of belt-driven spindles, Mech-Tronix integrally motorized spindles, and standard spindle accessories.

“We took our time on this. We want our catalog to present clear and precise information to the customer”, said Chris Hetzer, CEO at Gilman Precision. “This is especially important for our online version of the catalog—easy navigation and organized material.  This catalog also provides a great starting point for those customers desiring a custom spindle.”

Available in print and electronically, contact Gilman today for a specially mailed spindle product catalog at (800) 445-6267, or visit Gilman online at

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