Advantages of Working Directly with a Spindle Manufacturer

There are many different kinds of spindles, each with nearly unlimited applications. Working directly with a manufacturer like Gilman Precision for spindle purchase and maintenance offers many advantages.

1)  Spindle Manufacturing Expertise 

Working directly with a local spindle manufacturer allows you to benefit from the manufacturer’s ability to quickly do a deep dive into your specific application. For example, Gilman Precision is able to send highly experienced application engineers directly to your location to explore your application and environment in person. On-site visits are incredibly helpful because every application is unique – both in how the spindle is being used and the environment in which it operates. Because of this, most customers require a custom spindle tailored to their specific needs.

Without an on-site visit, other spindle providers will offer a stock spindle from their list of SKUs. Stock spindles are pre-made and not tailored to your specific use, which can lead to shorter lifespans or spindles that aren’t quite right for your application. Either way, stock spindles often cost more than you need to spend.  We do offer standard products for our customers who are in a tight lead time crunch. While they are standard, we have the capability of minor alterations to meet your design demands.

The expert Gilman Precision team is able to identify if a particular spindle replacement isn’t quite right for your needs, and instead save you money by providing a less expensive spindle that will achieve the same results.

2)  Customized Spindle Solutions

After initial diagnosis, a spindle manufacturer will develop and recommend a tailored solution. With more than 150 years of spindle engineering experience, the Gilman Precision team is able to determine the best solution faster than our competitors, using our deep knowledge to guide us to the right solution right away, without the need for extensive research.

Solutions can include everything from manufacturing a duplicate of your current spindle, to designing and manufacturing a new custom spindle to better fit your needs, to simply repairing your spindle. Due to our internal spindle manufacturing process, our team offers the unique ability to reverse engineer any spindle and recreate it.[JS1]

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The Gilman Precision Advantage

Gilman’s Manufacturing has processed more than 10,000 spindles in the past year alone. We repair and manufacture all types of spindles and can customize any spindle to your exact specifications.  Gilman has absolute total control on site. From design, manufacturing, and value add services, we can meet the high-quality demands of our customers   With all the supply chain issues currently, Gilman is proud of our 95% on-time delivery score!

When you need to purchase a new spindle or need an existing spindle repaired, turn directly to the experts at Gilman Precision for all your spindle manufacturing needs.


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